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Reunions magazine Winter 2015

Nov/Dec/Jan 2014  V24n2
From High School reunions to
family, military, and any other kind, Reunions magazine covers it all.

Reunions magazine is published 4 times a year. February, May, August and November. Allow 6-8 weeks for the first issue.

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Reunions Workbook (14th Ed.)


Reunions Workbook
(14th ed.)

The essential tool for all reunion planners. A check list from beginning to end. Perfect gift to recruit helpers, committee members and even your successor to plan the next reunion. When you're finished and pass the gavel, pass the workbook along with your notes.

(print copy)


What an easy guide for beginners.
You should be proud. Awesome, just awesome!

Phyllis Naumann


(cd version)



Secrets of Successful Family Reunions by Robert W. Wolfe a.k.a. Uncle Bob A how-to-book for successful family reunions. Whether simple or elaborate it helps those who wish to pass their values to the next generation.

Tate Publishing, 2008,

2.95 S&H
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Gordon Burgett books below, or $5.60 if purchasing both books
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Treasure and Scavenger Hunts (3rd ed.) How to Plan, Create, and Give Them, by Gordon Burgett Communications Unlimited, 2007, 134 pp.


$15.95 (hard copy)
$15.95 (digital)

Your Living Family Tree: Keeping your family together forever through print, photos, sound and video, by Gordon Burgett Communications Unlimited, 2008, 174 pp.


$15.95 (hard copy)
$12.95 (digital)
The Family Reunion Survival Guide
How to Avoid Problems With Your Family Without Avoiding Your Family
, by Laurence A. Basirico

Identity Publishing, 2003, 92 pages, paperback
plus $1.50 s/h
NC residents pay 7% sales tax

Family Reunion,
by Mary Quattlebaum
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2004
plus $4 s/h
The Miles of Smiles: 101 Great Car Games & Activities
by travel writer
Carole Terwilliger Meyers

"may be the ultimate solution for back seat squabbling" on the way to your reunion. Keep kids entertained all the way there.
Carousel Press, 1992, 128 pages, paperback
plus $2.25 s/h
CA residents pay 9.00% sales tax



The Pick A Party book set, by Patty Sachs, party-planning expert. Regularly $20 for the set, only $16.00 for Reunions Readers!

Book #1: Pick a Party, The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasion
100 theme party plans for holidays, milestone occasions and special events.

Book #2 Pick-A-Party Cookbook
Includes menus, recipes and table decoration ideas for the 100 theme parties in Book #1.

plus $6 s/h
FL residents pay 6% sales tax

The Reunion Planner
The Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Reunion a Social and Financial Success! The solution to planning your reunion with a minimum amount of time, effort and cost. For the alumni planner, this unique book and optional companion computer program (see Book/Software Combo) has everything you need to plan a successful reunion and keep that "personal touch". New - 3rd Edition now available! Paperback book, 216 pages
ISBN 0-9630516-0-1
plus s/h
CA residents pay 9.00% sales tax
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The Malone Family Choir: A Family Reunion is an original gospel CD opening with a song you'll want to play to say Welcome to Our Family Reunion! at your family reunion.

You can hear "Welcome to Our Reunion" on our fan page (reunions magazine). Click on music at the top of the page.


plus $2.00 s/h
Tape Version

plus $2.00 s/h

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Family Reunion Organizer
It's never been easier to plan your family reunion. Family Reunion Organizer (for Windows 95/98/ME/XP) organizes your reunion guest list, finances, schedule, and assignments. It will even create a family reunion web page!
plus $5.00 s/h
UT residents pay 6.25% sales tax

Reunion Planner Software - Standard Edition (NEW version 7.0) $59.95
CD/Book Combination Package

The Reunion Planner for class, family and military units. Options include guest data as located, attending responded, amounts paid, etc.; estimated & actual budgets, to-do lists, personal history for Memory Books, space for biography reports, room for eight purchase items, name tag format, plus.

plus s/h
CA residents pay 9.00% sales tax
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2nd-Day Delivery ($19)

Reunion Planner Software - Professional Edition $159.95.

(NEW version 7.0)
CD/Book Combination Package-

Professional Planners - get all the power of the standard edition, plus these important features:

* Plan an unlimited amount of reunions simultaneously
* Fully multi-user - have more than one person enter data at the same time
* Custom Reports - the ability to add any new report you desire (Crystal Reports format)
* Extended Technical Support

plus s/h
CA residents pay 9.00% sales tax
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CD Cooking for Large GroupsCD Cooking for Large Groups
Over 1400 recipes. System requirements: Windows 98/NT 4.0/XP, Intel Pentium Processor or better, 32 MB RAM, 20 MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor, keyboard, web browser (Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer), Adobe Reader, Window-compatible pointing device.

plus $1.29 s/h

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Book cover How Many How muchBook How Many?! How Much!?,
A Step-by-Step guide to cooking for a large group, by Jennifer Cole

This book will help you with menu planning, recipe costing, recruiting helpers, budgeting. Spiral bound, 73 pp

plus $5.15 s/h
GA residents pay 6.0% sales tax



POSTCARDS (Shipping & Handling: $5.00 for 100-199, $10.00 for 200+)
Click on the postcard image to view larger image of both sides of Fill-in the blank postcards.

Save the Date
Save the Date Postcard
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Personalized message $45 per 100
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Time is Running Out
Time is Running Out Postcard
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Personalized message $45 per 100
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Birthright - Reunion between adoptee and birthmother.
$3 each
Reuniting the Relatives - A family reunion start to finish.
$3 each

Back Issues ($3 each*)
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"The wookbook is great. I used it for the Murphy Family Reunion last summer and will use this one for the Moffo Family Reunion ( mom's side)." Denise Murphy