Committee Evaluation

The reunion chairman and committee members should answer some different questions. Evaluate staffing, organization, site selection, the decision-making process, coordination and supervision. Don’t forget to discuss budget, fiscal controls and procedures. This questionnaire should cover the following:

q   Were working relationships supportive?

q   Did we start early enough?

      Were effective timelines set for completion of each important task?

q   Was the event well publicized?

      Were new members found and recognized?

q   How did registration go?

      Who attended? From where? Who did not attend? Why not? Compare with previous reunions. Are there trends?

q   Were destination and location right? large enough?

      Did we consider all functions thoroughly before the reunion and properly and adequately inform the hotel of all our requirements?

q   Were room layouts for events and meetings adequate?

q   Were we satisfied with audiovisual aids, seating, lights, etc?

q   Was there good support from the facility’s departments: food and beverage, sales, reservations, front desk, bell service, etc?

q   Was on-site supervision and day-to-day operations satisfactory?

q   Did we have enough people to cover everything?

q   Was our business meeting effective?


The Family Reunion Sourcebook©, by Edith Wagner