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Love letters to the National Family Reunion Conference

These are comments we collected recently about the National Family Reunion Conference. Read what others feel about attending.

I have two impressions to share as a longtime conference attendee.

Attending the Family Reunion Conference for information is just ‘part’ of the experience. It is like a retreat for the reunion planner.  Every planner needs time to evaluate past reunions and re-charge reunion planning batteries with new ideas.  Each year the conference reminds me yes, planning the reunion is at times difficult, but the end result makes it all worthwhile. I love my family and that is why I do what I do.

Family reunion planning is just like any other hobby or passion.  If you really want to be your best you do two things:

1) keep up with the latest information and
2) commune with others who are equally as crazy.

Sure you can do this on the internet, if you are ‘kind of’ serious. But if you ‘really’ want to grow, be motivated, unintentionally motivate others, and have a better reunion than last year, you will attend this conference.
Shamele C. Jordon, Lindenwold, New Jersey, Toomer Family Reunion

The National Family Reunion Conference truly has something for everybody. It is big like a convention, but intimate enough to get all your personal questions answered.  It is very warm and inviting, everyone is helpful and happy to be there.  It suits the needs for small and large families and for beginner and experienced reunion planners. What a wonderful place to get ideas and to get motivated.  This conference has it all, from reunion planning, to newsletter writing, to family economics, to getting the younger generation involved. I attended one year, then planned our first Workman-Hailstock Grand Reunion for over 100 people. The conference is a wonderful place to receive and share ideas! It’s a reunion for family reunions! If you enjoy family reunions, are thinking about planning a reunion, need new ideas, need motiviation to continue, this is the conference to come to.
Yolonda Washington, Navarre, Florida, Workman-Hailstock Family Reunion

I am eager to attend the conference again because it continues to afford me the opportunity to meet and network with enthusiastic and outstanding people who are committed to family reunions. I have met people who are a joy and have resulted in lasting friendships. Candid advise and suggestions that are shared are priceless and have significantly contributed to the growth and perpeutation of the annual Banks, Hill, Outlaw Family Reunion now in its 27th year. Moreover, their support continues to give my family a vote of confidence in our reunion efforts which helps us conquer new challenges with a sense of pride and urgency.
   An old saying that "you can't miss what you can't measure" has a lot of truth, but it doesn't apply to the annual family reunion conference. Attending this year's conference will help you understand what you've missed in the past and how the vast resources available at the conference will help ensure that you not repeat previous challenges but also discover new, creative ways and ideas for improving and growing your reunion. Attending the conference will measure it's weight in gold!
Thelma Harper Jones, Washington DC, Banks, Hill, Outlaw Family Reunion

I am definitely planning on being at the reunion conference. I loved the conference when I attended in 2005. I came away so invigorated to start my brand new business as a reunion planner. Everyone said that I would not make a lot of money and I am not, but that was not my goal, my goal was to reunite families to save the sons and daughters we are losing to drugs and to the streets.
Laura Rabb Morgan. Chicago, Illinois, Rabb-Herron Family Reunion

As a planner for over 300 reunions each year for the Dekalb County, Georgia, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, it's always exciting to attend the conference to get/share ideas. The conference is definitely for anyone planning/hosting a reunion for the first time or the 30th time. There are always LOTS of FRESH ideas.
Carol Smith Powell, Reunion Specialist, Atlanta’s Dekalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tucker, GeorgiaGeorgia Burnette, Burnette Family Reunion, Amherst, New York, wrote, if you're tired of the same old, same old, and need fresh reunion ideas, join me at the 2007 National Family Reunion Conference in Philadelphia. You'll find seasoned reunion planners who have found answers to the questions you think you'll never solve.

  • Need encouragement? Attend workshops about interesting, persistent families who have successfully achieved many goals to which you aspire.

  • New to the reunion business? There’s always a workshop about how to get started. Because we all deal with the same issues, the Who, When, Where, and How Much, take notes and ask the speaker questions. Other participants are full of knowledge, so get names and phone numbers for later, when the crunch is on.

  • Are you a seasoned planner? So am I, but I never fail to come away refreshed with a new idea or another way to approach a pesky problem. Each year there are at least one or two workshops that will have you smiling despite being ever-so-weary of the status quo!

  • Cheap Relatives? It’s in the genes of all families, so don’t despair. Yet there are ways to get around them. Ask the question. Someone will have an answer.

  • The Marketplace. Lots of businesses are eager to help your reunion. Maybe you won’t shop till you drop, but vendors offer items of interest, artifacts and clothing that are diverse, appealing and attractive. Take home a souvenir to remember all you learned and the interesting people you encountered!

  • An oldtimer? That’s me. After 10 years, I love the exciting atmosphere, and look forward to seeing once again, the “old” friends who were “new “friends not too many years ago. It doesn’t take long to bond with those who’ve shared the joys and hardships of reunion planning.  It’s like being in battle!

Looking Forward to Seeing You!                   

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