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Military Air Force

10 SAC B-36 Wings
100th Air Refueling Squadron
100th Bomb Group
101st Airborne Division Association
10th Infantry Division and supporting units
1198th O E & T Squadron Reunion
11th US ASA Field Station, a.k.a. FS 8611 DU, a.k.a. FS 8611 AAU
11th, 12th, 616th Tac Recon, Korea Japan
126/38/66 Air Police Squadrons (Laon, France), 1952 to 1967
128th/494th FBS
12th Troop Carrier Sqdn 50-55
13th Air Force; 29th Air Service Group
173rd Airborne Brigage "Sky Soldiers"
17th Signal Battalion Assn.
17th Troop Carrier Sqdn, 17th Tactical Airlift Sqdn Firebirds
18th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
19TH Bomb Group WWII
19th Bomb Group/Wing 1932-1983 - 19th Air Refueling Group/Wing 1983-Present
1st AF 7th EM R SQ
1st Fighter Control Squadron
20th AF/73rd BW Assn WWII
20th Air Dpt Grp, 12th MAAF, 15th AF, WWII
20th and 81st Tactical Fighter Wings assigned to RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters Bases
20th Cmbt Mapping Sqdn, 6th Photo Group, 91st Rcon Wing, 5th AF,
21st/6461st Troop Carrier Squadron (Kyushu Gypsies), Korean War
22nd Bomb Squadron Assn, China-Burma-India, WWII
23rd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron WWII
25th BG (ARN) Assn WWII
28th Bomb Wing Assn
2nd Fighter Squad, 52nd Fighter Grp
2nd Pursuit Squadron (became Second Fighter Squadron) of the 52nd FIghter Group of the 8th, 12th and 15th Air Force WWII
303rd Bob Wg Assn B-47s
303rd Bomb Group Molesworth England WWII
308th Airdrome Squadron, 5th AF, South Pacific WWII
30th Communications Squadron
310th Ftr Sq
310th PS, FS WWII
310th PS, FS, 310th FBS, 310FS, WWII, Korea, Luke AFB
311th Fighter Squadron(WWII) and 311th Fighter Bomber Squadron (Korea)
311th Pursuit Sqd, Fighter Sqd and Fighter Bomber Sqd WWII
317th Troop Carrier Wing Veterans Reunion
319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
320th BG 1942-89
320th Bomb Grp B-26
321st Signal Company Wing of WWII
329th FIS, George AFB, Victorville, California
330th & 331st Fighter Interceptor Squadrons
3389th Pilot Training Squadron
33rd Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (PRS) of the 9th Air Force Reunion WWII
33rd Troop Carrier Squadron (354 TCG) WWII
341st BG/22nd BS WWII
342nd Service Squadron
344th Bmb Grp & 494, 495, 496, 497 Sqdns WWII
34th ARS
34th Bmb Grp/8th AF
34th Bomb Squadron Reunion
356th Fighter Group, 359th, 360th, 361st Fighter Squadron
35th Maint. Mtr. Veh. & Supply Squadron
35th Supply Sqdn
3641st Flight Line Maintenance Sqdn, Laredo AFB, TX
3650th Basic Military Training Group, Sampson AFB
36th Motor Vehicle Sqn of the 36th Fighter Bomber Wing
376th Heavy Bombardment Group
381st Bomb Group WWII
388th Bomb Group WWII
38th ADG Repair Squad WWII
38th Bomber Group Reunion
38th Missile Tactical Wing USAFE
390th Bomb Group Veterans Assn WWII
3910 Bomb Group, 7th Air Div
391st Bomb Group Association (WWII)
3rd Air Depot Group WWII
41st MAS Alumni Assn
435 Troop Carrier Group
435th Troop Carrier Group Reunion
436th Fighter Squad-8th Air Force
436th Fighter Squadron-479th Fighter Group-8th AF WWII
440th TGC/96th TCS
446th Bomb Group (H), 8th Air Force
44th Air Refueling Squadron
44th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force WWII
451th, 455th, 461st, 484th Bombardment Groups
454th Bomb Sqdn, 323rd Bomb Group WWII
459th Bomb Group (WWII), 15th Air Force
459th Bomb Grp (WWII), 15th Air Force WWII
459th Wing and 756th Squadron Flying Mission Reunion
461st Bombardment Group (H) Reunion WWII
461st Bombardment Group / 484th Bombardment Group Joint Reunion WWII
464th BG WWII Pantanella Italy WWII
464th Troop Carrier Wing Reunion WWII
46th and 72nd Reconnaissance Squadrons(1946-1955)
475th Ftr. Gp, 5th AF WWII
483rd Bomb Group Reunion WWII
484th and 461st Bomb Groups Association of WWII
490th Bombardment Group
491st BG WWII
493rd Bombardment Group of WWII
4th Anit Aircraft Artillery, SCARWWAF's, R.A.F. Stations, England 1950/1953, Wyton, Mildenhall, Lakenheath, Upper-Heyford, Fairford and all satellite stations.
4th Fighter Interceptor Wing
502 Tactical Control Group, Korea
505th Bombardment Group Reunion WWII
506th Fighter Group
506th Fighter Wing
511th Group, 613th, 847th, 848th AC&W Sq's and 39th AD, ADCC Japan AC&W Sites
515th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
51st Fighter Interceptor Wing Assn.
51st Fighter Interceptor Wing Korea
525th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Landsthul and Bitburg
52nd Air Rescue Squadron-Flight B 6th ARS
52nd Combat Aviation Battalion Association Vietnam
52nd Fighter Group, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Squadrons Reunion WWII
530th/9th Aviation Squadron WWII
545th BG WWII
551st SMS (Strategic Missle Squadron) WWII
567th Strategic Missile Sqn
57th FIS Iceland
58th Bomb Wing Association
58th Fighter Assn, 69th, 310th, 311th, USAF, 201st Mexican Sqn
5th AF 314 Comp Wng/HQ and HQ Sq
5th AF 502 Tactical Control Grp
5th AF HQ VBC 5th Bomb Command WWII
5th AF, 314 Comp Wng/HQ and HQ Sq& 5th Bomb Command WWII
5th AF, 405th Signal Co
5th AF, 502 Tactical Control Grp, Korea
5th AF, 5th Station Hosp WWII
5th AF, 80th Service Grp WWII
5th AF, 8th Photo Recon Sqn WWII
5th AF, Hq&Hq Sqd 314th Composite Wing WWII & Korea
5th AF/47th and 30th SS
5th Air Force 314 Composite Wing Reunion
5th Air Force, 5th Station Hospital, 108th Station Hospital Reunion WWII
5th Air Force, 66th Service Sqdn,WWII
5th Air Force, 80th Service Group WWII
5th Air Force: Hq & Hq Sqd. 314th Composite Wing, 5th Station Hospital, 405 Signal Co., Hq VBC 5th Bomb Command 80th Service Group, 502 Tactical Control Group Reunion WWII
6:36II Radar Squadron
601st Tactical Control Wing & all Subordinate (Germany 1945-95)
605th ACS
613th, 847th848th AC&W Squadrons and 511th AC&W Group (KOR)
614th Tactical Control Group
63rd Troop Carrier Wing (H) Reunion / Air Force Reunion
66 FIS
66th Service Squad, 5th Air Force
67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (USAF) Association Reunion
686th ACWRON
6911th ESS Metro Tango Reunion
6911th Radio Group Mobile
692nd Radar Squadron Baudette MN
6th Bomb Group Assn, Tinian Island 1944-1945 WWII
6th Bomb Wing
70th Infantry Division WWII
7236 Ammunition Squadron
72nd-86th Air Services Sqdn
753rd Aircraft Control and Warning Sqn
75th Air Depot Assoication
76th and Group HQ, 77th, 78th Troop Carrier SQ
780th BS
782nd Bomb Squadron, 465 Bomb Group, 55th Wing of the 15th Air Force
79th Fighter Bomber Squad at Woodbridge RAF
7th Air Commando Squadron, 7th Special Operations Flight and 7th Special Operations Squadron
7th Avn Fd Depot Sqdn
7th Fighter Command
7th LSS, 7th ATS. 58th MASS
812th MVSqn/Base Refuel/Walker AFB
82nd Airborne Division Association Reunion, COHORT
857th Med Group
86th Fighter-Bomber Group Assn
874th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron: Inoges A.S., Spain Reunion
876th Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalion Reunion WWII
8th AF Historical Society WWII and Korea
8th AF, 303rd BG WWII
8th AF, 436th Fighter Squadron, 479th Fighter Gp
8th AF, 446th Bomb Grp WWII
8th AF, 7th Photo Recon Group, Mt Farm, Eng, Unit Rendezvous with 8AFHigh School WWII
8th AF/303rd BG
8th AF/7th Photo Recon
8TH Air Force Scouts / Scouting Force Association WWII
8th Air Force, 446th Bomb Group WWII
8TH Gasco/9TH Air Force Reunion
8th Photo Recon Squadron
90th Bomb Squadron Assoc Korea
90th SRW Assn
91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association Reunion
92nd Airborne Squad, 5th Air Force WWII
94th Bomb Group,
9510th Air Force Recovery Squadron and 9622nd Air Force Reserve Squadron
97th Bomb Group Reunion
97th Bomb Wing
9th BG Assn
AAF/USAF Crash Rescue Boat Assoc
ACA/Hurlburt Reunion
AF 56B Pilot Class
AFA USAF 50th Anniversary
Air Commando Assn WWII
Air Commando Association (ACA) Reunion WWII
Air Corps WWII
Air Force (EC-121/WV-2 AEW) (Airborne Early Warning Aircraft) Reunion Vietnam
Air Force Reunion
Air Rescue Association
Air Weather Assn.
Aircrew Life Support
Airlift Squadron Firebirds Reunion
Alamo Wing
American Beagle Squadron
Ark - La - Tex POW Luncheon
ASA Philippines/Clark AFB
Aviano Reunion Assn.
Aviation Cadet Class 43-K Reunion
Aviation Cadet Class 54-J Reunion
AvnCadet Class of 43E Reunion
AW/CCE Reunion
B-17C Tail Number 40-2072 Crash Reunion / Air Commando Assn WWII
B-25 Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force - Doolittle Tokyo Raiders WWII
BAD 2 (Wharton, England) Reunion
Battan-Corregidor Survivors and Female POWs
Birkenfelder Reunion Assn Reunion
Bombardier Alumni Assn Reunion
Buckingham AAF/Ft. Myers AAF, Students and Staff Reunion
Burtonwood Base Veterans Reunion WWII
C-7a Caribou Association Reunion
Catm/Samtu/Usaf Gunsmith/Usaf Marksmanship Reunion
Clark Base School Reunion
Donaldson Air Force Base Reunion
Doolittle Raiders Reunion WWII
Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Reunion WWII
Dow AFB Reunion
Eagle Squadron Reunion WWII
Eighth Air Force Reunion WWII
Empire Air Force Station, 752nd AC&W Sqdn Reunion
Firebirds, 17th Troop Carrier Squadron, 17th Tactical Airlift Squadron Reunion
Florida Chapter of the 8th Air Force Reunion
Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force Association Reunion
Flying Tigers Reunion WWII
FS, FIS & FTS Association Reunion
Geeia/MDA/EL Reunion
George Field Reunion
George Field, AAF Training Command Pilot School
Grnd Elec Eng Installation Agency/Mob Dep Actvty/Eng Installation Grp Pettit Clan
Iceland Radar Sites 932nd, 667th, 933rd and 934th AC&W Squadrons, better known as H-1, H-2, H-3, and H-4
Lake Lure Army Air Force Rest/Rehab Center Reunion
Mandarin Air Force Aural Comp Reunion
Matador/MACE Missileers
Mid-Atlantic chapter, 11th Airborne, Air Assault Division Reunion
Millville Army Air Field 1943-35
Morbach Ammunition Squadrons Reunion
Nathan Crew in the 314th Wing of the US Air Force's 29th Bomb Group, WWII Reunion
Night Rustics Reunion, Vietnam
Nuclear Weapons Technicians Convention
P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association
P-51 "Mustangs" Pilots Reunion
Pardo's Push
PB4Y All Squadrons, Liberators, and Privateers Reunion
PBM Mariner-P5M Marlin Reunion
Pil Class 54Q Marana/Williams AFB Reunion
Pilot Class 44D-Luke Field, WWII Reunion
Pilot Training Class 49B Reunion
Rad Relay, 1st Reunion
RAF Mildenhall Firefighters Reunion
Red Dawg Assn (12th Missile Squadron) Reunion
RF101 (Voodoo) Pilots Reunion
Sampson AFB (3650th BMTW) Vets Assn Reunion
Sampson Air Force Base Reunion
Second Fighter Squadron of the 52nd Fighter Group of the 8th, 12th, and 15th Air Force Reunion/ AMERICAN BEAGLE SQDRN ALUMNI, 52ND FIGHTER GROUP WWII
Signal Service & ASA Okinawa Personnel 1945-1970 Reunion
TAC Missilers Reunion, 1952-1969 Reunion
Tan Son Nhut Assn Reunion
Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood (TLCB) Vietnam War Veterans Reunion
The Peaceful Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Atomic Missions Reunion WWII
Torrejon Air Base, Spain (all years) Reunion
Tuskegee Airmen, WWII 60th Anniversary/Reunion
Tuskegee Airmen's Lonely Eagle Ceremony / Reunion
United States Air Force, 50th Anniversary Reunion
US Air Force Reunion, Class of 65-F
USAF Academy Drum & Bugle Corp Reunion, Vietnam era
USAF Aleutian Islands Veterans Reunion
USAF MSC Assn Reunion
USAF OCS Classes 63A/B/C Reunion
USAF Pilot Class 53 Reunion
USAF Pilot School Class Reunion
USAF Pinetree Line Reunion
USAF TAC Tankers Assn Reunion
USAF Texas Tower Veterans Reunion




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