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Fundraising- Theater Parties

Theatre parties help reunion treasury

Our theatre parties are family treasury fundraisers. The Arena Stage in Washington, DC, gives nonprofit groups (15 or more) discounts of about one-third off box office ticket price. We then charge the exact box office price. For a recent (sixth) theatre party, the box office price was $62.00 and we paid $43.75 per ticket. Our group size ranges from 16 to 50, so the amount we make varies.

We regard theatre parties as “win-win” events, regardless of the profit. We see a great show, visit with family and friends at dinner (after a matinee or before an evening performance) and make money for the family coffers. We never worry about the numbers, because even if we’re short persons for the group rate we still have a wonderful time. Sometimes we visit a museum exhibition before the show.

Our theatre parties to Washington don’t include transportation because folks come from Baltimore, Maryland, Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia, to meet in Washington. A few years ago we did a theatre party involving a bus to Richmond from rural Virginia, where many family members live. We built the bus cost into the ticket and still profited.

Reported by Bessida Cauthorne White, Richmond, Virginia.


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