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Reunion Date: July 9-12, 2009

Brinkley, Arkansas


                                                September 2008

Georgia Burnette, Editor


I REUNION NEWS          Fannie Burnett Branch



Quarterly teleconferences are a goal of our President, Princette Burnete, of Louisville, KY., and they were held as follows:

Š      December (cancelled)             

Š      March

Š      June Discussion

o      Photographer                 

James Burnett of California has volunteered to be our Family Photographer for the 2009 reunion.

o      Hotels

Due to the size of the hotels in Brinkley, there cannot be a block of reserved rooms designated for the entire family at any one facility. Therefore, when you book your rooms, in the spring, if possible, arrange at that time to have as many family members from your branch in adjoining rooms. It is suggested that you book early, lest you have to drive from Wheatley, AR., five miles down the road.

o      Menu

Menu items were discussed and confirmed a short time later.

o      Programs

As per usual, an Elder will be honored, and this year Minnie Burnette will be that person. This is most appropriate since we are in the family home-place once again. James Burnette will prepare a video presentation, so submit photos that you might like to have included.

o      Registration

Arlenda Flannel will be contacted for her input for Reunion Registration

o      Position Descriptions

Duties of the following volunteer positions were written and submitted by Georgia Burnette in January and February 2008:

§       Association Secretary and Assoc. Secretary Planning TimeLine

§       Registrar

§       Evaluation Coordinator


We’d love to receive Reunion News from the Bob Burnett, Tom Burnett, and Nancy Burnett

Lines of the family


II      FAMILY NEWS                                              


Nancy Burnett Line


C:\Documents and Settings\Georgia\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\CTIZK1YR\HPIM0028_028_028 (1).JPG2008 Haiti Mission Trip by Barbara Holloway


From January 30th-February 10th, Christopher and I were in Pignon, Haiti for our sixteenth mission trip. Our church, The Way of Life sent a team of thirteen servants to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters in practical ways. Along with the Gospel message, we conducted a welding class and painted several areas of the local hospital.


There have been recent violent incidences in Haiti, as a result of severe food shortages. Record fuel prices world-wide have escalated the cost of many staples. The cost of rice, beans, and cooking oil has gone up over 50% in this past year. Many Haitians live on less than $2 per day and cannot afford to feed their families.


While in Haiti the team spent several hours working in a nutrition and feeding clinic. Established by missionaries from the United States, they provide one pound of rice, one pound of beans and one smoked herring per family every two weeks. Haiti remains the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Each year when we return we see some improvements in technology, such as the availability of the cell phone, but primary basic needs such as food, water and shelter are still severely lacking.


If you are interested in making a donation to the missions we support, please contact us by email or phone and we will provide that information.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve HIM in the country of Haiti.


Thank you family for your prayers and financial support.

With HIS love, Christopher and Barbara Holloway

Fannie Burnett Line

Selecting a College for Next Year      by Michaela Banks               


On March 25th and 26th, my family and I visited Duke University and it was really an eye opening experience. Before going to the campus, I had no thoughts of applying to Duke, because I didn’t like living in the South; however, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus a lot more than I thought, because it doesn’t have a southern feel at all

The campus is beautiful and reminds me of the Ithaca College campus. My parents and I participated in an information session which explained the entrance requirements for Duke University. While I fit the criteria almost perfectly except for my SAT scores, I now know I need to work on my critical reading and grammar skills.

Following the information session, we toured the campus, and met with cousin, Keisha.Williams who graduated from Duke in May. Keisha brought along two friends who also provided additional wonderful information. One of the friends has been accepted into Washington University’s medical school and it was good to hear from someone who’d completed all the classes I plan to take while in college.

Before departing for the day we walked through the very lovely Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

I really enjoyed this trip, and Michaela Banks and Keisha William glad I had an opportunity to explore the campus.



Graduation from Duke University (Political Science Major)


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                                    Keisha Williams on Graduation Day, May 2008

Matriarch and Patriarch



Senior Elder and Family Matriarch , Blanche Thomas is recovering nicely in St. Francis Nursing Home, but discharge plans have not yet been finalized. She appreciates your calls, cards and prayers.        

C:\Documents and Settings\Georgia\My Documents\My Pictures\Luther & Georgia\Luther_1994.jpg


Patriarch, Luther Burnette will mark his 81st birthday on October 2, 2008; however, he and Aunt Georgia will not be returning from their latest Elderhostel trip to Annapolis, MD., until the following day




July Wedding

            Kandyce Jones and Darrell Allamby were married July 11, 2008 at True Bethel Baptist Church., Buffalo, New York. Immediate family and close friends were present, however the big bash is scheduled for June 6, 2009. So mark your calendars and buy a new dress! See you there.


We all wish the new couple the very best.

Kandyce and Darrell, 2008.JPG














Mr and Mrs. Allamby