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Allison Gilbert's book, Passed and Present, Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive, has 85 amazing ideas for transforming all kinds of inherited items and family heirlooms. She suggests that jewelry, clothing, letters, recipes, and other mementos — can be transformed into novel keepsakes. She calls "Forget Me Nots" and they are fond reminders of ancestors and loved ones.
Passed and Present by Allison Gilbert. Seal Press, 1700 Fourth St, Berkeley CA 94710; 2016, paperback, 229+ pages, $16.00).




Left and right: Household Object Sculptures. Center: Photo Branches Flower — look carefully!

Digitize Recipes i.e. have a favorite family recipe printed onto a plate or platter

Textile Fabric Projects i.e. turning a tie or scarf into a bracelet.

Surprise! Finding relatives

by Arliss Treybig
    On my first visit to Büdesheim, Germany, in 1987, I stayed and traveled with my cousin Gene Treybig and his wife Jane (now of Boerne, Texas). At the time, they had lived in Germany for 25 or so years. They took me to visit Büdesheim and meet the two gentlemen who had done my Burtschell and Braden family history research in church books. Several years later I discovered that Gene is descended, as am I on my mother’s side, from both the Burtschell and Braden families. Gene did not know in 1987 when he took me there that he was visiting the village of his ancestors as well.
    Shirley Brandes Thomas and I were friends involved in many mutual activities during our four years at Wharton County Junior College and Sam Houston State. About a year ago I discovered we were kin, also through the Burtschell and Braden families. Shirley’s daughter, a teacher, attended our Burt(t)schell Family Reunion and discovered her school secretary is also a cousin.
Gigi Reese, of the Burtschell-Braden line, was a Clear Creek High School counselor several of the years I taught there. She moved to Clear Lake High School when it was formed and some of her students were at our reunion. A number of my students and yearbook staffs are Burtschell descendants. There is truth is the old saying: “Be careful; the person you talk about may be your kin.”
About the author
Arliss Treybig, El Campo, Texas, began doing genealogical research about 28 years ago. She says her research and meeting family here and in Germany has given her a different sense of who she is.

Famous census
    Michael Neill has posted census images from the “rich and famous.” The main page is Some of the many images linked are Lucille Ball, Marlon Brando, Mel Brooks, George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Walter Cronkite, Walt Disney, Amelia Earhart, Katharine Hepburn, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson and Dr. Seuss.

Pryer/Gilbert attendance at 1,800!
    The first Pryer Family Reunion was held in 1989 in Rosedale, Louisiana, attended by 550 relatives. The second Pryer/Gilbert Family reunion was in 1996, with over 1,500 relatives attending.
    The further we dig, the longer our roots have grown, and based on this year’s expected attendance of 1,800, the history of our family is proving to be “overwhelmingly” long and deep. What’s even more amazing is that the family has such a long lineage, which continues to blossom, despite the many buds now faded away.
    Attendees came from Belize, New York, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, California, Maryland, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and where “the roots” began, Woodville, Mississippi.
    We are all very blessed to know that from one acorn, a tree with a rich heritage, continues to grow long and strong. I feel our family tree is one of the great sequoias of our time.
Reported by Melonie Pryer, San Francisco CA

Neal Family Trivia Quiz
Carole Neal used a trivia quiz to draw family into the theme of their reunion, Honoring and Preserving the Neal Family Legacy. She included the questions in pre reunion newsletters and answers were provided just before the reunion in the last correspondence. To see this quiz, click here.

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