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Wilson Family Jeopardy

The Wilson Family has a bi-annual tradition of encouraging its family members to participate in homemade, online trivia. 2012's theme is Wilson Family History & Black History. Click on the image below to view a PDF version of the trivia in its entirety.

Watch out, Regis!
Shamele C. Jordon, Linden Wold, New Jersey, reports about a new game that her family will play, "Who Wants to be a Toomernaire" based on the popular game show.

Questions about family are in the following categories: Henry and Bertha – whom they all have in common; the 1st kids – Henry and Bertha's 16 children; Toomer Baby Boomers Henry and Bertha's grand and great grandkids; Berlin, New Jersey, the town where they grew up starting in 1926; and Toomer Reunions – reunion history.

Sample questions include:

Question: Who was the first H & B descendant to receive a college degree?
Answer: Elijah Reid Jr.

Question: Which Toomer was responsible for the move from Philadelphia to New Jersey because he was hit by the trolley car?
Answer: Clarence

The Toomers are also into special awards. The Recognition Award is given for service to Toomer Family Reunions either by working on the planning committee or in the background. Last year's award went to Susan Toomer Clayton who doesn't like meetings but at the reunion works harder than anyone. Winners are chosen by the planning committee.

Awards include the following:
1. Youngest Toomer baby in attendance
2. Newest wed Toomer couple in attendance
3. Toomer Service Award
4. Descendants Award for the person with the most descendants in attendance
5. Dance Contest Award

The amazing ALAFFFA race, by Lisa Alzo

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The younger members of the ALAFFFA Family Reunion enjoyed a game modeled after the CBS show The Amazing Race. They divided in two teams and were assigned tasks centered on six continents. Instead of a $1 million prize, the winning team received 100 Grand (candy bars).

The first task was to take pictures. The list included a team picture, a person over 60, a person under six, a grandma and grandchild, and other designated photos.

Click the thumbnails to the left to enlarge the
ALAFFFA Amazing Race task cards.




In “Antarctica” there was the “Penguin Ice Race.” Four team members dressed as penguins in top hats and knees tied together to ensure proper waddle. A fifth team member was the ice catcher with a bucket.  Each penguin carried ice to the bucket using a spoon in his/her “beak.” The team with the best time captured the continent.

In “Africa” members participated in a “Big Game Hunt” using a super-soaker to hunt ferocious (inflatable) giraffes, gorillas and bears, shooting them across the finish line and, to complete the hunt, shot a giant Earth across the finish line.

In “Europe” teams went on a “Backpack Scavenger Hunt” to collect designated ALAFFFA items. The team with the most objects collected in the best time took the continent.

The “North America Challenge” was a “Las Vegas Poker Walk.” One member from each team walked five times around the house collecting cards during each lap. The person with the best poker hand at the end of the race captured the continent for his/her team.

The final step was the “South American Rainforest Trail Mix Challenge.” Each team prepared a bowl of trail mix from designated ingredients and placed one cup on a plate. Next, 10 peanuts in shells were added and one team member had to pick up all the peanuts with his/her mouth and transfer them to a second clean plate. The team with the quickest time captured the continent.

Each team won three continents, so the contest was a draw, and both teams shared the prizes.

A softball game is one of the longest-running ALAFFFA traditions. Three generations participate in this friendly contest. Who won? No one is certain, but it is a great activity for young and old alike.

We left with warm memories of another great ALAFFFA reunion, and an enthusiastic chorus of, “See you next year!”

About the author
Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A. is a freelance writer, instructor and lecturer. She is the author of nine books and hundreds of magazine articles, and is an internationally known speaker on genealogy/family history. Lisa serves as the "ALAFFFA" family historian and can be contacted through her website,

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