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by Andrew Russell Bordeaux

Are you trying to play that specially requested card game to keep wacky Cousin Ed happy, but you just cannot remember the rules? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new game to entice and interest all at your reunion? Then look no further than Easily one of the most comprehensive and extensive card game lists on the web, will keep your family shuffling and dealing all through the weekend. It offers insight into different types of cards, variations on games, card games assorted by nation and region, and even the classification of the card game. And if your family has it’s own home-grown card game, you can even add it to the site to share with other families.

If you’re in need of some great ideas to keep kids busy and having fun, offers suggestions for many different games, complete with rules and how to play. It offers a list of rhymes able to keep kids entertained for hours. Another site full of game ideas can be found at This site arranges games by categories such as indoor and outdoor games, holiday games and party games. Games can also be arranged by age groups. The list of games provides diversity and different tastes to appease any youngster. These sites can certainly be a big help, if you need new and creative ways to ensure that kids keep coming back.

About the author
Andrew Russell Bordeaux is a member of Reunions magazine’s administrative staff.

Wii! It's a family affair
The central attraction at the Fell Family Reunion in Decatur, Alabama, was a Nintendo Wii video game system. The Wii is one of the hottest computer games and appeals to all ages and video game users.

"The family that Wiis together, stays together," Judy Burnham said.

The Fell family brought three Wii systems to their reunion. One was hooked up to the projection screen, one was in a hotel room for the kids and another was still in the box, in case they needed it. The projection screen was set up in a public room near the hotel pool.

At the Fell Family Reunion, everyone played except the matriarch, 85-year-old Norma Fell. "That electronic game isn't for me ... This is more my style," she said, holding a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

From an article by Catherine Godbey in The Decatur Daily, Decatur, Alabama.

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