Neal Family Reunion history trivia quiz

For the 2008 Neal Family Reunion (Theme:  Honoring and Preserving the Neal Family Legacy), organizer Carole E. Neal of Castro Valley, California, included family history trivia in pre reunion correspondence. This was her final summary that included answers. Carole has given permission for us to use as an example for you to flatter her by using her idea for your own reunion. First, her introduction, then her questions and answers, which should give you some ideas to share your own history with your family.


Personally, I believe there should be one or more Griots in each generation so that the family story continues to live.  You may recall having heard the word Griot (pronounced “gree-oh”) used when Alex Haley told the story of his family in the epic novel and TV program, “Roots.”  Historically, Africans and those of African descent have relied on oral history more so than written history.  That makes the work of the griots all the more important.  Hopefully, our Neal Family history will continue to be passed down, generation to generation.  We do have a story to tell; one that can be an inspiration to the younger family members.  I have attached the answers if you want to save it to your hard drive.


Neal Family Trivia Quiz

1.     Eleazer, Sr. and Ollie [Ward] Neal had seven children.  Name them in birth order.  Answer: Carey, Charlie, Jesse, William, Solomon, Eleazer, and Eliza.

  1. Eleazer, Sr. had a daughter from a previous marriage.  What were her name and her nickname?  Answer:  Alice Singleton, Aunt Suh.
  2. Eleazer, Sr.'s parents were Stephen and Francis [Williams] Neal.  Name their children.  Answer: James, Godfrey, Stephen, Joseph, Ransome, Dan, Eleazer, Jacob, Frances, Noel, and Timothy 
  3. When and where was Eleazer, Sr. born? Answer:  October 20, 1880, Wisner, LA.   He passed away on October 11, 1964 at the age of 84.  He was laid to rest at the Oakley Cemetery, Gilbert, LA.
  4. Stephen and Francis’ family earned its living by farming and cotton was a major crop.  At a particular point in time boll weevils became a problem, eating at the crop, so the family moved to get ahead of the boll weevils.  Where did they move? Answer:  to the Mississippi Delta.
  5. Eventually, two of the family members returned to Louisiana, settling in Winnsboro.  Who were they?  Answer:  sons Eleazer and Stephen.
  6. Of the family members who did not return, name some of the cities where they lived?  Answer:  Greenville, Leland, Arcola, and Trail Lake - all in Mississippi.
  7. Who is Godfrey Neill to Eleazer, Sr. and why is Godfrey’s last name spelled differently?  Answer:  Godfrey Neill was Eleazer, Sr.’s paternal grandfather.  His last name is spelled Neill because that is the way the census taker spelled the name on the Federal Census record.
  8. Godfrey Neill was born about 1815 in what state?  Answer:  Virginia.   Godfrey’s wife, Julia, was born in Georgia in 1826.  Their children were William, Alfred, Stephen, Marlinda, Solomon W., Francis, and Samuel.
  9. Who were Jesse and Anna Eliza [Davis] Ward to Ollie [Ward] Neal?  Answer:  Jesse and Anna Eliza were Ollie’s parents. 
  10. Jesse Ward was born in 1865 in what state?  Answer:  Texas.  Jesse’s wife Anna Eliza was born in Louisiana in 1868. 
  11. Ollie was the second youngest daughter.  When was she born? Answer:  June 1891.
  12. Name Ollie's siblings.  Answer:  Henry, Carrie (“Cassie”), John, Alfred, and Caroline
  13. Who is Lemuel (Lem) Davis to Ollie Ward and where was he born?  Answer:  Lemuel Davis was Ollie’s maternal grandfather.  He was born in Maryland in 1825. His wife, Ann, was born in 1824 in North Carolina.  Their children were Caroline, Henderson, Cynthia, Alfred, Corrina, Lee, Anna Eliza, and Charlotte.  Note:  re: Lemuel Davis’s being born in Maryland, there’s that ancestral connection to our 2006 reunion, which was held in the Baltimore, MD area. 
  14. What is the relationship between Eleazer, Sr. and Philip Neal? Answer:  They were first cousins.  Their fathers, Stephen and William, were brothers.
  15. Who were Philip Neal's parents?   Answer:  William and Caroline (Peebles) Neal.  Philip Neal passed away June 9, 1963 at the age of 96.  He was laid to rest at the Oakley Cemetery, Gilbert, LA.
  16. In many instances, African American families have followed naming patterns when a child is born.  In the Neal Family the name Solomon is found in several generations.  List three Neals who had the first name of Solomon and where they fit in the family. Answer: Solomon W (son of Godfrey and Julia Neill); Solomon Louis (son of Eleazer, Sr. and Ollie Neal; Solomon Edward (son of William and Alice Neal).  Also, Isaac Solomon Neal, son of Lawrence and Debbie Neal, was named after his grandfather Solomon Louis Neal. 
  17. Which Neal brother was known for offering to buy his children, nieces, or nephews "a nickel dip of cream"?  Answer:  Eleazer Neal, Jr. (Uncle Lee).  He would to buy us a tasty ice cream cone, referring to it as a nickel dip of cream. J 


  1. Two Neal family members were known for their famous teacakes.  Name them.  Answer:  Aunt Melissa and Aunt Eliza.


  1. One of the San Francisco Neal brothers was an avid fisherman, taking the boat out of Half Moon Bay to go ("dip-sy" as Ricky Ricardo would say) deep-sea fishing and would come back with croaker (sp?) sacks full of fish like ling cod.  Who was that brother?  Answer:  Solomon Neal.


  1. Who was the first Neal sibling to move to the Bay Area?  Answer:  Carey Neal and his family in the 1940s.  They came to Richmond, CA where his wife, Ludy, had family.  However, they didn’t stay in the Bay Area and eventually returned to Winnsboro, LA.   The next brother to move to California was Jesse and his family in November 1944.    


  1. True or False.  Eliza and her family lived in the Bay Area for a period of time. . Answer:  True.  They lived in Richmond where her husband, James, had found work in the shipyards.  Subsequently, he died.  At the time Eliza completed the application for social security (April 1944), she listed her address as 4820 Cutting Boulevard, Apt. 5, Richmond, CA.  About 1945, Eliza returned to Louisiana and made her home in Homer


  1. Ollie Ward Neal died in 1923 from illness.  Back then, Black people really didn't have access to hospitals and medical care and she'd developed pneumonia.  After her death, who raised the children? Answer:  Ollie’s parents, Jesse and Annie Eliza Ward, raised the oldest and youngest, Carey and Eliza.  The rest of the boys were raised by their Dad, Eleazer, Sr.


  1. What church did the Wards attend and where was it located?   Answer:  Mt. Zion Church of Christ (Holiness), Gilbert, LA.


  1. What church did Eleazer, Sr. and his sons attend?  Answer:  Augusta Baptist Church, Winnsboro, LA.


  1. What was the name of the business that Eleazer, Sr. had? Answer:  Neal and Sons Grocery in Winnsboro.


  1. Who was the first Neal brother to marry?  Answer:  Charlie.


  1. List the spouses for the seven Neal siblings.  Answer:  

November 15, 1935 – Charlie married Miss Melissa Robinson

October 4, 1936 – Carey married Miss Ludy Harris

May 15, 1937 – William married Miss Alice Gransberry

September 17, 1938 – Jesse married Miss Juanita Lewis

December 31, 1938 – Eleazer married Miss Penny Green

1940 – Eliza married Mr. James Matthews

February 11, 1946 – Solomon married Miss Fannye Seals


  1. Which one of Ollie [Ward] Neal’s siblings lived in Homer, LA?   Answer:  Alfred Ward.


  1. What did the Neal brothers call Carey, Sr?  Answer:  Chief. 


  1. We know of family members who have served in the US military from World War I to the present.  Name those family members and their respective branch of service. Answer: Alfred Ward (Army, World War I). Solomon Louis Neal (Army, World War II).  Solomon Edward Neal (Army).  Carey Neal, Jr. (Army).  Lonnie Roy Neal (Army).  Elmer Neal (Army).  Isaac Neal aka “Buster” (Army).  Lannie Ernest (Army).  Larry Neal (Marine Corps, Army, and Marine Corps Reserves).  Christopher Royce Neal (Army).  Edward (“Jamal”) Neal (Navy).  André Christopher Neal (Air Force).  Some served during the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, Desert Storm, and most recently Christopher Royce Neal saw active duty in the Iraq conflict. 


  1. Which Neal brother was a die-hard San Francisco Giants baseball fan?  Answer:  Eleazer Neal, Jr.  No matter how badly the team was playing he still had faith in his “boys.”


  1. Two Neal brothers attended Grambling State and were educators?  Who were they? Answer:  Carey and Jesse.


  1. What type of cookies did Aunt Penny always have on hand to serve guests when they visited?  Answer:  coconut cookies (macaroons). 


  1. Can you identify the family members in the attached photos?  Answer: Oops – I forgot to attach the photos!  I will save this question for another time.  Sorry about that. 


  1. Which Louisiana college has graduated many Neal family members?  Answer:  Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA.


  1. Before his retirement, what was William Neal’s occupation?   Answer:  William carried on the family tradition and earned his living by farming.  His main crop was soybeans.


  1. Which Neal brother was the President of the Franklin Parish Retired Teachers’ Association? Answer:  Carey Neal, Sr.


  1. When did Charlie and his family move to California from Louisiana?  Answer: in the late 1950s.


  1. Who was Uncle Tim and where did he live?  Answer:  Uncle Tim (Timothy Neal) was Eleazer, Sr.’s younger brother and he lived in Leland, MS.


  1. Neal Family members are located across the U.S.  Name the states where family members currently reside.  Answer:  California, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.  In California’s Bay Area, family members live in the following cities:  San Francisco, Foster City, Antioch, Stockton, Tracy, Union City, San Jose, Milpitas, Castro Valley, and up north in Clear Lake.